22 febrero 2007

See you later baby

Sin blog durante un tiempo. Viendo que la gente ni se molesta en comentar los discos ni na de ná, paso olimpicamente del blog hasta nueva fecha. Paso de perder el tiempo.

Blog closed during some days. As while as people don't comment records and just download, I won't update the blog for some days. I love music but don't waste my time.

20 febrero 2007

Truly Lover Trio

Truly Lover Trio. MAGNIFICA banda cuyo lider Marcel, nacido en Uruguay y que en la actualidad vive en L.A. consiguió sacar éste disco que a mi parecer fue de lo mejorcito que escuché en el 2005. Su voz te recordará a varios genios de épocas pasadas pero eso no le shace desmerecer en absoluto. Autentico R'n'Roll y Rockabilly. Parte de su disco puedes escucharlo en el reproductor de la derecha.
Si te ha gustado el disco, no dudes en comprarlo. Ten por seguro que será una buena compra.

Listen this record (just 5 tracks on my player, 15 on their album) and if you like it please buy the record. A FANTASTIC Rock'n'Roll band.Listen and .....ENJOY!!!!!!!!!
Maybe you ask why there is not a download link. Well, there aren't the Rolling Stones and I want to support these guys because I love their music. So if you like the record, please buy it. A worth buy. Believe me.

18 febrero 2007

Scream "Fumble"

Scream "Fumble"
Si te digo que fue una banda en donde estuvo Dave Grohl antes de meterse en Nirvana....y si te digo que piden 85$ por éste disco en Amazon...y si te digo que el disco suena fenomenal y fresquísimo...

Dave Grohl's prior band to Nirvana. Good punk/rock. 85$ in Amazon...

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16 febrero 2007

Andy McCoy

Andy McCoy "Building on Tradition"
Guitarrista de los Hanoi Rocks. Disco en solitario buenisimo.
Guitar player of Hanoi Rocks. AWESOME album.
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Please leave your comments!!!

Please don't forget to leave your comments about music you get in my blog.


YMA SUMAC "Mambo!"
Disco de 1954. Una PUTA JOYA.
A latin-exotica 1954 record. A REAL GOOD RECORD. A MUST HAVE.
1-Bo Mambo
2-Taki Rari
4-Chicken Talk
5-Goomba Boomba
6-Malambo No. 1
7-Five Bottles Mambo
8-Indian Carnival
9-Cha Cha Gitano
11-Carnavalito Boliviano
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11 febrero 2007

Mexican Lounge Power!!!

Esquivel - Latin-Esque 1962 RCA Victor LSA-2418
La Raspa*
Adios, Mariquita Linda*
Jesusita en Chihuahua*
Cachito (Pedacito)*
La Paloma*
(Oyeme) Cachita*
Jungle Drums*
Mucha Muchacha*
You Belong to My Heart*

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Here is a new musical spectacular with audio and musical effects unique in the history of the recording industry. It is the product of composer-arranger-conductor Esquivel, his RCA Victor producer, and virtually the entire technical and engineering staff at the RCA Victor Music Center of the World studios in Hollywood.
This album represents, to the best of our knowledge, the first time in the history of stereo recording in which absolute separation of channels has been achieved. To accomplish this, the orchestra was separated into two parts—half in Studio 1 and the other half in Studio 2, almost a city block down the long corridor of the RCA building in Hollywood. Through an intricate system of inter-communication by headphones, the musicians were able to hear each other and play together just as if they were all in the same room. The effects are startling, the arrangements are daring, and when an instrument moves from side to side it can literally be said that the motion is almost a block long!
Five experimental sessions were held prior to the actual recording dates. At these sessions Esquivel and his producer and engineer tried endless different approaches to various percussion instruments with electronic effects applied to them. A careful book of notes was kept with the best and most convincing effects clearly marked, later to be applied to the actual arrangements by Esquivel himself. Space does not allow the details of the effects themselves, but in Latin-Esque by Esquivel you are sure to hear sounds you have never heard before— sounds your eyes can follow.
Stereo Action is a revolutionary new concept of stereo recording in which instruments, singers, whole sections, and even full orchestras are placed into movement so that the listener has, literally, music his eyes can follow. Stereo Action is a conscious and deliberate effort to set music in motion by utilizing actual movement of instruments and sounds from one speaker to the other, and even, at times, suspending an instrument or sound between speakers. It is a pioneering concept in stereo listening, and resulted from years of extensive experiments and remarkable technical break-throughs by the RCA Victor corps of engineers.
Stereo Action requires a wholly new approach to recording. Musical motion is first conceived by the composer and arranger. Every note of the music to be recorded must be scored with Stereo Action in mind, as if it were a new and dominating musical instrument or voice. An elaborate system of charting each and every instrument for proper stereo placement guides the actual scoring. In addition to the musical annotation, a companion series of non-musical diagrams for the studio work is developed.
This wedding of musical artistry and electronic creativity produces Stereo Action — literally, the sound your eyes can follow.

Howard Lucraft - Neely Plumb
1962, Radio Corporation of America


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10 febrero 2007

We're Desperate: The L.A. Scene (1976-79)

Recopilatorio de la escena puk angelina de finales de los 70. Encontrarás maravilla tras maravilla. The Germs, The Zeros, The Quick, The Motels, The Dickies,.....Ideal para iniciarte en el maravilloso mundo del punk angelino de la época (el primer lugar de los USA en aparecer el punk). Por cierto, aquí tienes la cancion "Pretty Please" que versionearon hace años los fantasticos Redd Kross.
Compilation about L.A.'s 70 punk scene. Bands as The Germs, The Zeros, The Quick, The Motels, The Dickies,.....A good begining to introduce you into L.A. punk scene.
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09 febrero 2007

Chuck E. Weiss

Discazo de Chuck E. Weiss. Publicado en 1999 y si eres fan de Tom Waits (toca la guitarra en el disco) y del blues mas loco que puedas echarte a la cara, éste es tú disco. ëste tío ha tocado y/o grabado con gente como Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Dr, John, Roger Miller. Te pido por favor que escuches "Jimmy Would" y luego me cuentas...

Good record of genius Chuck E. Weiss. If you like Tom Waits (he plays guitar on this record) and crazy blues, that record is for you. He has had performed and/or recorded with Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Dr, John, Roger Miller. Please listen "Jimmy Would" and tell me what about it...¡¡¡AMAZING!!!

08 febrero 2007

The Damned

The Damned, "The Radio One Sessions". Grabaciones en directo en los estudios de la BBC. Posiblemente en su mejor momento. Para que te hagas la idea, en Amazon piden hasta 74$ por él.

The Damned, "The Radio One Sessions". Live recordings in BBC radio studios. Probably at their best. A must have noticing that his price at Amazon is 74$...

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Runnin' on Fumes

Recopilatorio que reune TODOS los singles (ya descatalogados) que venían con Gearhead Magazine. Gearhead Records los ha reunido haciendonos un favor. Sonido muy muy crudo en donde puedo destacar a los Rocket From The Crypt, The Hellacopters, Davie Allan & The Arrows, Mudhoney, Southern Culture on the Skids, Man or Astro-man?,...

Compilation that features every single that featured every Gearhead Magazine issue. Sound very very raw. Highlighted bands are Rocket From The Crypt, The Hellacopters, Davie Allan & The Arrows, Mudhoney, Southern Culture on the Skids, Man or Astro-man?,...

06 febrero 2007

Bobby Darin "Live! At The Dessert Inn"

Según cuentan las crónicas, éste show en concreto fue el mejor concierto que ofreció Bobby en vida. Se realizó en el Desert Inn de Las Vegas el 6 de febrero de 1971. Derroche de buen gusto y buen hacer. Lástima que muriera en 1973 a los 37 años.
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1. Intro. Monologue
2. Save The Country
3. Moritat (Mack The Knife)
4. Fire And Rain
5. Hi De Ho (That Old Sweet Roll)
6. Monologue
7. Hey Jude/Eleanor Rigby/Blackbird/A Day In The Life
8. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher
9. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
10. Monologue
11. If I Were A Carpenter
12. Simple Song Of Freedom\
13. Finale Band Introduction
14. Chain Of Fools/Respect/Splish Splash/Johnny B. Goode
15. Work Song
16. Beyond The Sea

Bobby Darin y Stevie Wonder interpretando "If a were a carpenter"

Elvis, Live in Las Vegas (Box Set)

Caja que reúne diversas grabaciones de Elvis en Las Vegas en el periodo 1969-1976. Cuatro discos donde podrás apreciar el paso del tiempo en su voz y forma de cantar.

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01 febrero 2007

The Gram Parsons Anthology

Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology
Caja que reune todo lo que grabó Parsons en su breve vida. Sus comienzos con The International Submarine Band, The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers y su carrera en solitario. ¿Que se puede decir de uno de los mayores genios de la música? Hazte con ésta JOYA y revientate las neuronas preguntandote como diablos podía grabar semejantes canciones. Debería llamarte malnacido si no te haces con ésta caja ahora mismo.

Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology Cd 1
Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology Cd 2
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