22 noviembre 2008

The Jim Jones Revue

BUY THIS ALBUM!!! One of the best albums of the year. Dirtiest than a month unwashed pussy. Imagine the Stray Cats rhythm, the early 70s Rolling Stones and Jerry Lee Lewis with a colt on his arm. And who leads this band? Jim Jones was the lead of Thee Hypnotics, another AWESOME band. Album was recorded on a 48 hours live session. Do you want R'n'Roll? That's R'n'Roll. Can you smell it? I do smeeeeeeeeeell it
Go to their web and BUY the album.
You can see the video in High Definition.

Jim Jones Revue - Rock'n'Roll Psychosis from Nathan Seabrook on Vimeo.

06 noviembre 2008

The Temptations & The Supremes (vinilo ripeado)

T.C.B. Diana Ross and The Supremes with The Temptations. T.C.B. (Takin' Care of Business). UNO DE LOS MEJORES DEL BLOG. The Temptations y Supremes en un mano a mano en un especial de televisión. ACOJONANTE!! Disco para guardar en caja fuerte.

Dos de estos videos son de aquella velada. Disfruta.

01 noviembre 2008

Funky Funky New Orleans

Funky Funky New Orleans Recopilatorio de la escena funky de New Orleans de 1969 a 1975. El disco que se llevarían los Blues Brothers para irse de putas. Para saber lo que te espera en estos grasientos recopilatorios, visiona el video.