04 septiembre 2008

Shake That Thing!

"This is possibly the best album that you've posted. Simply FANTASTIC!" said a reader of my blog.
Once you heard this album you will squeeze your balls and crash into your head as while as you keep saying "Why didn't I know this guy before?"
Aquí tienes otra JODIDA MARAVILLA del maravilloso sello DEL-FI RECORDS. Auténtico "white-trash blues" (no por sus origenes, si no por lo que llegó a ser). En la onda de Dean Carter. Si además de ser amigo íntimo, Elvis le quería en su banda como guitarrista, ya te puedes hacer la idea de lo bueno que puede ser este disco. Y si encima añadimos que fue el único blanco que acompañó a Chuck Berry en un tour solo para músicos y publico negros, ya sabes por donde van los tiros. Y si además tuvo la osadía de llamar mono a James Brown...

Aquí tienes todos sus singles reunidos. Si buscas ROCK 60's rabioso y fiestero en mayúsculas, hazte con el disco. Y te lamentarás de no haberlo descubierto antes...

Shake That Thing!
1. Bacon Fat

2. Shake That Thing

3. Maybelline

4. New Orleans

5. I'm A Man

6. Got My Mojo Working

7. When I Did The Mashed Potatoes With You

8. Surfin' Queen

9. My Hands Are Tied

10. One Ugly Child

11. Mojo Workout

12. Bloodhound

13. Twinkie Lee

14. (I'm A) Mojo Man

15. Teenage Jailbreak

16. Ugly American

17. The Thing

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Anónimo dijo...

been looking all over for this one. a couple duds, but some really great stuff too (the best bacon fat i've heard in a while). muchas gracias, elcrowley.



Anónimo dijo...

Yes, there's drive AND talent here. Wow, I'd never heard of Bright, but now I'll be looking out for him. I saw a discography at Wang wang dula ( http://koti.mbnet.fi/wdd/topicframedisc.htm )

Thanks for sharing via Uploaded.to; I have to say that Gigasize never, never, never completes a download whenever I try. Maybe it's where I live. Maybe it works better in other parts of the world.

Great blog.



if you notice is a updated blog entry. I used uploaded but now I use gigasize. be sure to NO use acelerator downloads with Gigasize.

Despair_waltz dijo...

Bueno, otro bajando, cuando lo escuche, te digo en el primer post, pero tiene una pinta de puta madre, como casi todo lo que subes!

Dgrador dijo...

I stopped using gigasize to upload for the same reasons: either it would cut me off on the upload, or most of my downloads stop suddenly.

Looking forward to hearing this one.


well,I've had a lot of problems to upload albums too. It seems that problem is solved (for me at least!)lately. Anyway I recomend you close all your peer to peer programs (Azurus, Emule,...) and don't browse internet as while as download is downloading. Give it one more try.

Dgrador dijo...

This is possibly the best album that you've posted. Simply FANTASTIC!

Anónimo dijo...

I've heard many different recordings of "New Orleans" over the years, but Bright's version is hands-down the best I've ever come across -- and that includes U.S. Bond's original!

Anónimo dijo...

This is great! I'd never heard his stuff before - thanks for turning me on to him.