18 julio 2007


GUN. Do you remember these scottish guys? What a BRILLIANT BAND! First time I knew them was in 1992. I spent whole summer playing my "Gallus" original tape on my tape player, on my car, on my walkman, everywhere. They brought a couple of really good records, "Gallus" and "Swagger". Here is "Steal Your Fire" video from "Gallus" and "Word Up" (original version by Cameo, but what a cover!!)) from "Swagger". Both of these records are 100% recomended, but my favourite is "Swagger". This record is full of fist fuckin' riffs. Be aware of seeing these videos as while as you can be hooked by these band...And you know what? These albums sound even better than 10-15 years ago. Fresh, fresh... Second video is original version by Cameo, and then listen Gun version.
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Dgrador dijo...

This ROCKS! thx

Anónimo dijo...

Llevo mucho tiempo buscando este disco!!! Miles de gracias!!!