14 marzo 2008

The Planet Rockers

The Planet Rockers "A Night At The Twist & Shout". Banda de Eddie Angel (Los Straitjackets) Concierto grabado en 1990 en los comienzos de la banda además de ser el primero fuera de Nashville. El disco actualmente está descatalogado.

The Planet Rockers were just beginning--and this was their first gig outside Nashville--when this was recorded in April, 1990 at the Twist & Shout in suburban Washington D.C. The excitement, energy and rawness that the band captured in this peak performance is worth checking out.

1. Wiggle Walkin' Baby
2. Tennessee Woman
3. Runnin' Man
4. Lone Wolf
5. Run Chicken Run
6. Fire Of Love
7. Big Boss Man (Run, Don't Walk)
8. Trouble Up The Road
9. Rock N' Roll Guitar
10. Gotta Rock
11. Troubled Times
12. Rockin' Daddy
13. C'mon (Rock With Me)
14. Hot Seat
15. One's All The Law Will Allow
16. Wigglin' Blonde
17. Stranger Dressed In Black
18. Rampage
19. Get Off My Back
20. Spin My Wheels
21. Yes, Juanita's Mine
22. Got The Bull By The Horns

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