04 agosto 2008

Back to the disco of my father!

My father ran a disco early 70s (before I was born) in Costa del Sol. He was associated with 2 more guys. One of them was foreigner searched by Interpol. My father and the other guy didn't know a word about that...When I was a child I was fascinated by the big amount of 45 rpm we have at home. When I moved out to get married I packed all these 45 rpm and today, 6 years later, I unpacked them. Here is just a few tracks I think you'll like. Enjoy Mungo Jerry "Baby Jump".....

TITANIC "Sultana"

MUNGO JERRY "In the summertime"

MUNGO JERRY "Mighty Man"


MIDDLE OF THE ROAD "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" (see the guy on your left at 1:42)

? AND THE MYSTERIANS "Girl (you captivate me)


BONZO DOG DOO DAH BAND "Death Cab for cutie"

BONZO DOG DOO DAH BAND "I'm the urban spaceman"

JOHNNY RIVERS "Secret Agent Man"

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Anónimo dijo...

¿Sabeis que aqui, en Madrid, habia en los 70 una discoteca que se llamaba Titanic y a la hora de cerrar para largarnos nos ponian el temazo ''Macumba'' de los Titanic?...¡que tiempos!.Un abrazo a todos. Periko Clarens.