25 enero 2007

Where The Girls Are, 5

Recopilatorio de grupos de chicas de los 60s sacado por el sello ACE Records. En éste 5º volumen le toca el turno a los grupos del sello Columbia y relacionados. La portada es de lo más sensual y sirve para hacerte saber lo que te vas a encontrar dentro. Si habría que poner nota, sería un 11. Y por favor, pon a todo volumen "I want your love" de las Pussycats y dime si ésto es real. Madre mía que recopilatorio...
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1. The Pussycats - Dressed In Black
2. The Pussycats - I Want Your Love
3. Patty Michaels - They're Dancing Now
4. Jan Tanzy - That New Boy In Town
5. Doris Day - Let The Little Girl Limbo
6. Becky & The Lollipops - My Boyfriend
7. The Surfer Girls - One Boy Tells Another
8. The Orchids - That Boy Is Messing Up My Mind
9. Tracey Dey - Marching Home
10. The Bootiques - Did You Get Your Fun
11. Bernadette Peters - Will You Care What's Hap'nin' To Me, Baby
12. The Poppies - Wonderful World of Love
13. The Sweet Things - You're My Lovin' Baby
14. The Glories - Sing Me A Love Song
15. April Young - Gonna Make Him My Baby
16. Nancy Ames - Friends And Lovers Forever
17. The Orchids - The Harlem Tango
18. Dorothy Jones - Takin' That Long Walk Home
19. Marlina Mars - It's Love That Really Counts (In The Long Run)
20. Aretha Franklin - Sweet Bitter Love
21. The Opals - You Can't Hurt Me No More
22. Erma Franklin - The Right To Cry
23. The Little Foxes - Love Made To Order
24. Sandi Sheldon - Baby You're Mine
25. Peggy Lipton - Wasn't It You
26. Laura Nyro and Labelle - Spanish Harlem

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